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Holocaust Survivor: Felicia Fuksman ›

Two years ago today, my grandmother, Felicia Fuksman, passed away. She was the strongest, most compassionate and loving person I’ve ever known. She was also a Holocaust Survivor and spent a huge portion of her life educating others about the atrocities of the Holocaust through her own story. I vowed to share her story, every year, on the anniversary of her death, to do the same. Not only do I post this in loving memory of both of my grandparents and all survivors, but as injustice and intolerance continues to grow around the globe, I post it as a reminder of what can happen if we let it. Please feel free to share and repost.



Mixed and Mastered by Pat Henry and Len Carmichael in Ewing, NJ (

I’ve never seen kids go off like this for Crowbar and I’m from fucking New Orleans. This is so sick!


Today we held a rally to save the Music of New Orleans and to bring attention to the Noise Ordinance that the City was going to try to pass. The City Council pulled the Noise Ordinance from session today, a small victory. However, the fight still goes on and we will not be silent. Music is not a crime. 

We marched on City Hall with a second line. We marched into City Hall with the music. We marched into Council Chambers to put to rest the onerous Noise Ordinance. We also held an impromptu meeting in Chambers and the only City Council member who showed up and welcomed us was Cantrell.

These changes, these sound levels, these non enforceable rules are funded by big money and a hand-full of wealthy citizens that think their money means more than our votes. We showed City Hall today that we are paying attention and that we will be heard. Musicians matter, the little people vote, and we love this city. We are not content to be second class citizens. 

Long Live New Orleans Music!

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Typical local news day in New Orleans.

It’s Carnival Season! Bring on the King Cakes!

When the Misfits Got Arrested in a New Orleans Cemetery: A 1982 Story From Our Crypt ›

Complex asked me to list the 25 best bars in NOLA. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. ›

I’d like to give a nod to the Dixie Taverne (RIP). It was a punk/ metal/ dive bar on the corner of Canal and Jeff Davis. I basically grew up in that bar and got to see and play some amazing shows there. It’s also the only bar I’ve ever woken up under the pool table.

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Not sure how I feel about this. The New Orleans Hornets logo with the fleur de lis as the wings of the hornet was, in my opinion, one of the coolest logos I’ve seen. This looks good and I like the typeface but I don’t know about the “Pelicans”. My vote was for New Orleans Krewe. It was up for discussion and I thought it was a good name with ties to the city. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Holocaust Survivor: Felicia Fuksman

Friends and family, I’ve posted my grandmother, Felicia Fuksman’s story on YoutTube. If you have a chance please watch it and feel free to repost it. She dedicated her life to telling it so that what happened would never be forgotten. Thank you.


See ya around, old friend.

It bums me out that I can’t get one today after what happened to the bakery.

Title: Blood Ties Artist: Riot In Progress 30 plays

A long time ago I was in a punk band with 4 of my closest friends from High School. 

Riot In Progress- Blood Ties

Nick No Talent- Vocals
Jonny Rascal- Guitar/ Vocals
Jay Riot- Bass/ Vocals
Matt Bastard- Drums