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Holocaust Survivor: Felicia Fuksman ›

Two years ago today, my grandmother, Felicia Fuksman, passed away. She was the strongest, most compassionate and loving person I’ve ever known. She was also a Holocaust Survivor and spent a huge portion of her life educating others about the atrocities of the Holocaust through her own story. I vowed to share her story, every year, on the anniversary of her death, to do the same. Not only do I post this in loving memory of both of my grandparents and all survivors, but as injustice and intolerance continues to grow around the globe, I post it as a reminder of what can happen if we let it. Please feel free to share and repost.

In loving memory of my grandmother, Felicia Fuksman. She was known as Mucka to most of her grandchildren and their friends. She was a Holocaust Survivor and the strongest most compassionate person I’ve ever known. She was also the best cook I’ve ever known. #yahrzeit #mucka #FeliciaFuksman #imissyou #neverforget #twoyearsago

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